Refined White Cane Sugar – ICUMSA 100

CANE SUGARICUMSA 100 is the approval for most customers/clients because it has fewer chemicals, and more availablelow price than White Refined SugarICUMSA 45ICUMSA 100 Sugar is manufactured by using a crystallization process without any chemical refining.

The Sugar presented by us is well known for its great crystalline shape and pureness. To keep the sugar safe and to supply it on time, we stock Sugar in our classy warehouse. Also, to keep our products away from impurities, we arrange it in hygienic and quality packaging. Agro-Agrando is world’s prominent sugar mill, our quality products allows us to come across the bulk demands of customers in the greatest possible manners.


Product Description

Product Detail
Content Specification
Refined Sugar Refined Standards To Icumsa 45
Polarization 99.50% Min.
Ash content 0.15% Max. weight
Moisture 0.10% Max
Solubility 100% Free Flowing
Color White
Granulation Fine To Medium
Reducing Sugar 0.05% Max by weight
Substance Solid Crystal


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