Native Potato Starch

Our Potato Starch is a superior grade native potato starch produced from potatoes grown and processed in Hungary. Our Products maintains tight control of our raw material supply and manufacturing process. We are HACCP Certified and Kosher Certified. Our Potato Starch is uniquely suited for excellent functionality in a variety of applications.  It has the highest viscosity of any starch product due its granular structure. Stringent quality control ensures consistent viscosity levels.  Additionally, it is a naturally gluten-free binder and expander, creating a moist and open texture.


Product Description

Technical Specifications

Parameters Result
Appearance White powder
Whiteness 96.00% min
Taste and odour Natural, blend and free from objectionable odour
Cleanliness Negligible dirt, grit and foreign matter
pH of 10% Slurry 5.0 to 7.0
Moisture (% w/w) 13.0 max
Acid Factor (ml) 3.0ml max
Visocosity 50 Sec min
Plub and Fiber 0.2ml max
Starch content (% on DB) 99.0 min
Protein 0.25% max
Ash 0.2% max
Sulphur dioxide 150ppm max


Applications of Tapioca Starch – A Grade

Widely used in food, chemical, textile and paper industries. It is also great for the household usage for stiffening linen; as well as in baking, cooking for sauces thickening and jelly cooking and etc. Moreover our starch is used in technical purposes in various industry fields.


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