Maize (Corn) Starch

Native Maize Starch A-grade of high purity & high quality from proven technology. The product is very consistent in quality. Maize Starch exhibits all the properties of native starch with some special features such as non-foaming & non-thinning characteristics of boiling solution. Hence maize starch has a marginal effect on the efficiency in weaving and paper industry. Where high viscosity starch is used, it imparts higher tensile strength to the fiber and thus improves the sizing.


Product Description

Technical Specifications

Parameter Result
Appearance Light cream white colour, Free Flowing Powder
pH (10% Aqueous solution) 4.5 – 7.0
Moisture (% w/w) 13.0 maximum
Solubility Practically insoluble in cold water
Protein (%on DB) 0.45% maximum
Viscosity of 3% paste at 75°c in Redwood viscometer No.1 34.0 sec Min / 50ml
Total Ash (%on DB) 0.25 maximum
Acid insoluble Ash (%on DB) 0.1 maximum
Petroleum, Hydrocarbons Extractahle matter (%on DB) 0.25 maximum
Cold water soluble (% on DB) 0.25 maximum
Starch (%on DB) 98.0 minimum
Free Acidity (ml of 0.1 N NaoH / 10gms) 3ml. maximum
Alcoholic Acidity (90% alcohol) 2.0ml maximum
Sulphur Dioxide ppm 100.0 maximum
Sieve Retention on 100 mesh 1.0% max


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